Are Beagles An Aggressive Breed? Know More! –

Are Beagles An Aggressive Breed? Know More!

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Beagles are the most popular breed of dog. They are highly owned because of their cute looks. They've got really appealing eyes, ears and wagging tail. Also, their friendly behavior with kids, strangers and even other dogs is what makes it a perfect family pet.

Their high energy level keeps them active, and they start participating in almost all human activities.

Are Beagles Aggressive?

Beagles are a very friendly and affectionate breed. They love to play with kids, like having another dog's companion and like humans as their best friends. Such an affectionate and friendly breed do not tend to be aggressive under normal conditions. However, under certain circumstances, every dog tends to be aggressive.

A complex combination of psychological, biological and physical combination turns the mentality of the dog to be aggressive. Need not worry, this mentality can be easily corrected with enough care, time and attention.

What makes them aggressive?

  • They might inherent aggressive behavior by birth. However, such behavior vanishes within 12 months of his birth.
  • When they're hurt by any human activity, they tend to be aggressive to that human.
  • Beagles guard their food bowl very well. So, if they see any kind of danger to their food, they become aggressive.

How to deal with aggression?

Here are some psychological tips that can help you deal with aggression in your beagle:

  • Don't allow your dog sleep with you on your bed. If it's necessary to let him sleep inside your room, put a dog-bed next to your bed.
  • When he's aggressive, turn your back and simply ignore him. This is a highly effective method and will demotivate him to do so.
  • Don't ever react aggressively to his aggressive behavior. Make sure you don't yell at him, humiliate him, and punish him corporally.
  • Don't allow him to have access to any furniture, except his own bed. This is to make him feel that he isn't of your level.
  • Retrain yourself and know your dog well. Learn about dog psychology and communication before you start working on straightening out your dog.

This is how you can handle the dominance or aggression of your dog. Also, know that his aggressive behavior is because of your negligence, irresponsible behavior and carelessness.

Had it been the situation that you had done your dog related homework nicely, this wouldn't have been the situation.

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