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Are Beagles Protective Of Their Owners?

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Having a dog at home is an incredible feeling. Seeing it wag its tail, cuddle you when you are tired, get you up on your feet to play and become all possessive and protective about you just feels lovely.

Beagle owners would know how enjoyable it is to have that little one run around the house, barking surprisingly much more than its size.

Here’s some more information about beagles that all owners would agree.

  1. They may be small but tough

Beagles look tiny and playful, but they are really sturdy and muscular than you think. You would know how tough a beagle is once you have one around your home. They are extremely energetic, have an assertive personality and are great trackers too.

  1. They are happy pets

A beagle is one of the best pets you can have at home. These energetic little dogs will keep you on your feet and never make you feel bored. They demand your full attention, and you need to give them a lot of playtime.

They are also extremely friendly, especially with children. Even though they are very sporty and energetic, they can be very gentle playmates as well. Bring one home and see how it becomes a part of the family and loves everyone unconditionally. 

  1. Are beagles protective of their owners?

Beagles are by nature, protective about the environment they are living in. They love their owners to the core and can get possessive about them. If they find a visitor to be suspicious, they will bark loud enough to get everyone’s attention to protect their family. In fact, beagles are very alert by nature and can sense trouble.

This is why they are often used as watchdogs. They are not the typical guard dogs for your family but can become a very good one at that if you train him properly. Proper training can make a beagle the best protector for the family just like in my case.

With some good training, we have the best guard at home.

If you are thinking to go for a beagle, just don’t think twice about it. It is one tiny combination of loads of playfulness, energy and positive vibes around the house. And, do not forget how it loves to stick around and protect its owner all the time with love shining from its bright little eyes.  

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