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Beagle vs German Shepherd

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Confidence, courage and smartness on one hand and cuteness, enthusiastic and frolicsome on the other- both beagles and German Shepherds make amazing pets. However, the beagles are little dogs that run about the house like a child and wants to have your company all day long, barely letting you sit. The German Shepherds are matured ones and behave like composed adults who do not create much of a fuss and works only when required.

Germans shepherds are the agile and courageous ones that are associated with terms like noble and intelligent.

What are the differences and similarities that are noteworthy?

  • German shepherds are considered to be the all-purpose serving dog of all breeds. They are large and very agile.They have a muscular structure and can easily scare people away with their looks. Confidence and loyalty are steady qualities in them. They are bound to be loved and kept as pets by their proud owners.
  • Both are good choices for new parents.
  • The cute and friendly, curious and merry, Beagles are complete sweethearts. They have a very sweet face that will make you fall in love with them at the very first sight. They are always scampering about the place tagging you along. They make amazing pets and will never let you have a minute away from them.
  • German shepherds have a life expectancy of approximately 7 to 10 years while the beagles are expected to live for about a good 10 to 15 years.
  • Beagles belong to the hound group of dogs while the German shepherds are from the herding group of dogs.
  • Exercises play an important part in dogs Beagles need to be exercised regularly to keep them fit and agile. Firm training is required to help them adapt to the situations they are going to thrive in. The German Shepherds are huge dogs that, too, of course, do require regular grooming and exercise along with veterinary attention frequently. In fact, German Shepherds require a lot more grooming than beagles.
  • The food expenditure of Beagle is moderate, and they usually can have homemade food. However, German shepherds have a high expenditure on food.


In spite of the differences, they have a certain thing in common, they both are very comfortable with kids and infants and make a lovely pet.

They are absolutely amazing to hang out with.They will never let you have even a single dull moment. Full of confidence and bubbling with energy, both the babies are extremely adorable and so full of warmth!

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