Beagle Vs Siberian Husky: Descriptions, Differences And Similarities –

Beagle Vs Siberian Husky: Descriptions, Differences And Similarities

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Getting a dog for yourself is a great task. You just can't consider its appearance. Temperament, personality, appearance and friendliness altogether help you make a choice. Here we compare a beagle and a husky.

Description of the two breeds


  • True that beagles are hard to train. However, they are very intelligent to learn and retain whatever they are taught.
  • They are very friendly and also love kids. This is what makes them a family pet.
  • Beagles love to have another dog's companion.
  • A beagle being energetic, enjoys brisk walks, light jogs and even car rides.
  • They are small and medium-sized dogs with very cute and beautiful looks. Their eyes, ears and nonstop wagging tail is what makes them lovable.


  • Husky is a medium-sized dog with a dense coat.
  • The breed requires heavy exercise to stay healthy, active and keep its brain stimulated.
  • Husky is an affectionate and good-natured breed who takes no time to be friends with people around.
  • As they have a dense coat, they are more suited for extreme cold weather conditions. They can easily tolerate cold.
  • With a readiness to play, they are always found playful and energetic.

Beagle vs Husky

On the basis of size

Beagles are small and medium-sized dogs with a height of 13 to 15 inches and a weight of approximately 20 lbs. On the other hand, Siberian Husky is also a medium-sized dog with a height of 8 inches to a foot and a weight of around 35 to 60 pounds.

On the basis of maintenance and finance

Beagles have a short and thick double layer coat which makes them shed all year round, especially during the spring. They don't even need a bath every week. You can allow them to have fun for a month and then give them a bath.

Siberian Husky demands regular bath and maintenance. Even food expenditure is more on Husky than on a beagle. This increases its maintenance cost.

So, on the basis of the maintenance cost, you should go for a beagle.

On the basis of friendliness and affection

Beagles love to spend time with humans. They even understand how to treat kids and love them accordingly. They don't even mind having another dog's companion, rather they enjoy it.

On the other hand, husky, despite being affectionate and friendly, lacks in this feature as compared to a beagle.

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