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Breeding Beagles - All That You Need To Know

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Nothing can be as cute as a beagle puppy. But have you considered its breeding?

If you, as an owner, want to know about how to continue the bloodline of your beautiful beagle, bear with us as we discuss the same. You need to take all health precautions seriously and be diligent enough to strengthen the bloodline.

Note: We highly recommend you to breed quality purebred to purebred. "Designer dogs" are just a trend that can disappear in no time.

Correct age of breeding

Beagle breeding should not be done before he or she is at least 8 months old. However, allowing his or her body to be mature enough, for at least 2 years, to carry the stress of pregnancy would be better.


Before you go ahead for beagle breeding, make sure you're prepared with the following things:

  • Dog breeding is a time-consuming process as you need to take care of those newborn puppies.
  • You need to pay for a dam or a stud. Also, you'll have to pay for high-quality dog food, baby crates, blankets, grooming, toys and much more.
  • Emotional strength. Even the best breeders have to face loss sometimes. You have to emotionally and mentally very strong during this breeding.

How to Breed Beagles?

Beagles are a dog breed and thus, follow the same biology of breeding rules as other mutts and dog breeds.

Get your stud beagle a quality female beagle. This will cost you a little. However, you might also need to pay if you want to get a stud beagle to breed your female beagle.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you breed quality purebred to purebred.
  • Also, make sure that the medical checkup of your beagle has been done.
  • Don't forget to test her temperament before you find a dam for her.
  • Know when was the last time the female beagle was in heat and when will she be in heat the next. This will give a clear time idea for breeding.
  • While finding a stud, make certain he has not been neutered.
  • Look for compatible weight and size of both the beagles.


  • Dog breeding can be emotionally draining or heartbreaking as anything can go wrong even if you do everything right.
  • It is time-consuming, expensive and a demanding work.

That's all you need to know about beagle breeding - preparation, process and warnings!

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