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Tips On Training A Beagle Puppy

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Got a baby beagle at home? Aren't they just too adorable? And if you want a good nurtured beagle, all you have to invest in some time and a little care.

House training a beagle puppy is not an easy task, but it isn't a headache either. Here are some tips on training a beagle puppy that can make the training session even easier.

Important Tips To Train Your Beagle

  1. Make sure that your dog has a designated to do everything including eating, sleeping and every other business. This will help the puppy set an idea in its mind regarding which area to sniff and which are off limits. Here, it learns to respect things and situations.
  2. Keep commands short and simple. A puppy has no idea of any word in the beginning. You need to set up its mind and give them short and simple commands. Say "No" every time it does something wrong and praise it by saying "Good" when they do something right.
  3. Keep your beagle active by ensuring that it gets enough exercise. This will keep its brain active by stimulating it and will also help curb any kind of misbehavior. Walking, brisk walk or a light jog is all that you have to do. The puppy might not enjoy the first few days but will get habituated later.
  4. Teach the puppy valuing time by fixing a routine. This step is most important when it comes to house teaching a dog. Start off with establishing a feeding schedule and stick to it. This will help you to know when your puppy is hungry and when you need to feed it.
  5. Know that crate training isn't cruel at all and you can consider it when your dog is 2-3 months old. In fact, the training sessions will stimulate the brain of the puppy and help them stay active and alert. Also, your separation anxiety will be reduced when your best friend is out for training.
  6. Take the beagle puppy to a walk every two hours to help him get used to the designated potty zone. This won't create conditions for you to clean your house every few hours. Also, your puppy tends to be the cutest when it doesn't create a mess.

Follow these tips, and you'll see how your puppy turns into your best obedient friend. Just be consistent with everything you do, and the puppy will also get used to your lifestyle.

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