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What Makes Beagles The Most Popular Dog Breed?

Posted by Abhay ASTA on

Ever wondered why are Beagles the most popular among pet lovers? What makes them the most owned breed of dog? Here are some reasons that make beagles so popular:

  1. Beagles love kids

This is the reason that makes a beagle popular among family pet lovers. Novice and apartment owners consider having a beagle because they are very popular and playful with kids. In fact, a beagle puppy completes a happy family.

  1. Beagles love to have human best friends

Beagles love being around people. In fact, they enjoy the company of humans and love playing with them. Also, they nuzzle up with the owners in their bed and love cuddles.

This is what makes them popular among every pet lover.

  1. Beagles like another dog's companion

Beagles are dog friendly and like having another dog's companion. They become friendly very soon and take no time to come to their playful nature.

  1. Beagles are very energetic

Beagles love every human activity and like to accompany their owner in everything they do. They enjoy going on brisk walks and light jogs. Also, they love to go on ride in the cars. This makes them physically energetic and stimulates their brains.

This makes them an energetic breed who are full of energy and are always found indulged in a physical activity.

  1. Beagles don't need too maintenance

If financing maintenance costs of a fog is what's keeping you from getting your favorite pet, a beagle is your perfect choice. Beagles do not demand too maintenance. You don't even have to worry about giving them a bath every week.

Just let them enjoy their playing session and worry less.

  1. Beagles are very intelligent

True enough that it isn't easy to train a beagle. Despite this, they have a very high intelligence. They try to learn and remember whatever you teach them. Also, they try to imitate whatever you do and start following your instructions and commands very soon.

  1. Every logical reason apart, they are super cute!

Every logical reason makes sense but for once, think straight from the heart and have a look at a beagle puppy. They are just too cute to handle.

Their ears, eyes, nose, wagging tail and everything about them is extremely cute.


So, you know why beagles are popular and now it's time to buy one for yourself. Soon, it'll become your best friend and you'll develop the separation anxiety within you!

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Image courtesy: https://pixabay.com/photos/beagle-dog-head-animal-cute-3608774/

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