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Why Do Beagles Shed?

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Beagles are a breed of hound dogs that were initially bred for hunting. They are super enthusiasts and always want to go about playing and frolicking! They normally have no peculiar features and are quite accommodating.

They make lovely pets from homes that have a lot of space and members who are equally ready to be up on their feet to keep it company.

They require many exercises for the same. They have mid-length furry coat that with average shedding tendencies.  Some of the breeds are prone to heavy shedding while some are not.

However, they go through certain phases when they experience greater shedding.

There can be so many ways in which shedding can be prevented or controlled:

If you are a parent to a beagle who sheds a lot, there are certain ways in which you can help the shedding reduce a bit, even if not fully.

  • If you find your beagle shedding, you might consult a vet right now, as it can be prone to skin infections. Get it checked real soon to prevent the infections from spreading and affecting it more.
  • There can be flea allergies as well, that might the reason of its fur loss. The unhealthy condition will only deteriorate the health and make it lose more of its furs.
  • Brushing your dog frequently can cut down on the shedding a bit. They mostly shed all through the Spring and Fall.This happens when they are changing their furs for the next season.
  • Brushing helps them loosen up their furs a bit and gets the old furs out for the new ones to arrive.
  • Using a good and expensive brush is much better than using an old and worn out brushes and they help to get rid of more fur, which will eventually let your beagle, shed lesser.
  • Sometimes dog food is not appropriate for them even if they complain of having good constituents. Feeding them homemade food is highly needed. It will help them stay out of danger, expand their lifespan and prevent their fur loss as well.
  • A healthy diet is very much necessary for your beagle to keep a healthy coat. Unhealthy and dry coats shed a lot more.


These can be the reason of its fur shed and the prevention can be done as soon as possible following those simple steps. The day-to-day hygiene is very important for a beagle to survive for a longer period of time with all its fluffy furry coat!

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Image courtesy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adorable-animal-beagle-breed-278956/

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