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Why Is My Beagle Not Barking?

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Beagles make lovely pets, always keeping you up on your feet. They are cute little babies that are just too enthusiastic and sometimes can even wear you out by their constant nudges to play with them. However, they are not the ones who will bark the entire time like the puppies and dogs of other breeds.

The dogs vary from breed to breed and their features too are distinct from the rest. The beagles are freer to play than to create a lot of sound around the house.

Reasons that can be there for your beagle not to bark?

People often have complaints regarding their beagles. If you too are a parent of one and have the same complaint, rather a query, as to why your baby is not barking, then there maybe certain causes that can provoke them to do so.

Some of the causes can be coined as follows:

  • The beagles bark only in given situations when it needs to.
  • They are not very fond of barking or being noisy about anything. They are enthusiastic dogs that only bark when they feel the need to.
  • In some cases, the barking of the beagles can be associated with a forthcoming danger.
  • They often howl or growl when they have cornered their prey. While sometimes, certain smells too can trigger them to bark.
  • However, there are some beagles who love to bark and hop around the house quite jovially, compared to their other counterparts while some just get startled hearing their own woofs. This may vary from their breed to breed.
  • Some people have often faced beagles who simply won’t stop barking.


Should you be worried if it does not bark?

Well, beagles are not happy kind of dogs. However, if your dog used to bark but has stopped doing so recently, then you can see a vet at the earliest. This can be the cause of a sore throat due to a lot of barking. Or, if you come across your one who is unable to bark even if it is willing to, then seeing a vet is a must.

They need to be tended in such situations. Apart from this, there is no need to be worried if your beagle doesn’t bark much, as they are the breed that are supposed to be a bit low on their vocals.

These cute little fellows are always happy to be scampering around and sure to keep you company all day long, by woofing or no woofing!

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Image courtesy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/beagle-close-up-cosy-cute-1758392/

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