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Comparison Between Boxers AndAustralian Shepherds

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Boxers are very friendly dogs and are very sensitive. They make amazing pets and are always high on energy. The enthusiasm that they show is unparalleled, and they are always up on vigilance. The Australian shepherds are on the other hand having very high grooming requirements make very good pets for the people who are willing to adopt a dog for the first time.

What are the basic differences between Boxers and Australian Shepherds?

There are certain basic differences that are there between the boxers and the Australian shepherds. The main difference lies in their features and the lifestyle that they adapt to. The breeds are totally different from one another. Both being great companions, they are lovely to be around or with.

However, the differences are as goes:

  • The boxers are the working dogs; busy all round the clock and making sure everyone close to them is protected and safe. They are alert and up for all sorts of difficulties and can even out their lives at risk to save a loved one.
  • The Australian shepherds are the herding dogs. They are keen and intelligent and have a very good sense. They are agile and alert as well and amazing to pet.
  • The boxers are originally a breed from Germany. They are stout and strong and intelligent. The Australian shepherds are from the United States of America and are cute and big with adorable features.
  • The normal lifespan of the boxers is from 9 to 15 years while the Australian shepherds live for a good 13 to 15 years on an average. They are a perfect breed from the States and have a litter size of 6 to 9 in one go whereas the Boxers have about 3 to 12.
  • Full of coat and fur, the Australian shepherds have thick to medium fur length that varies from silky straight to waves. The Boxers are short coated with shiny and smooth texture, giving them an edgy look.
  • With the lovely coats and furs, the Australian shepherds have a tendency to shed on a constant basis while the boxers are prone to moderate shedding.


The alert, cheerful and happy breeds are amazing to have frolicking about the house and making you a part of their daily activities and regime. The cute fellows are super friendly with you and the kids.

They are loyal to the core and will give you a companionship to cherish for a lifetime that you will regret to have built with them.

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