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Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

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Behavioral problem or aggression isn't a common problem or trait in every dog breed.However, German Shepherds are different, and you need to prepare yourself for their aggressive nature. It is because of this particular trait that they make excellent strong watchdogs.

But, encouraging aggressive behavior in dogs(any breed) will end up being an incredibly dangerous trait because they might end up hurting other dogs or people.

German Shepherds: Why are they aggressive?

Is your German Shepherd biting furniture, running around wildly, barking at every passerby? Then, it is simply being its natural self. German Shepherds offer remarkable services when it comes to protection and is, therefore, a part of military and police work. They are wild dogs and strong fighters that is why being aggressive is one of its traits.

German Shepherds originally existed in herds which means they are used to being the alpha, so if you try overruling them they act aggressively. However, with proper training during its initial days, a German Shepherd can be as harmless as other breeds.

The Behavioral Pattern Of German Shepherds

If you have ever owned a German Shepherd, then you're aware of its bad temperament and mood swings. But, you must know that your dog isn't barking without a reason. They often bark when they are threatened, bored, or upset.

Here, are some of the reasons that might trigger such behavior in German Shepherds -

  • If it hasn't got proper exercise

German Shepherds need a regular dose of exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Keep in mind they are wild by nature and running is a part of their daily routine. When German Shepherds don't get the proper exercise, they become snappy.

  1. Don't keep your dog locked up. It makes then aggressive.
  2. Take them out for running every day.
  3. German Shepherds love outdoor activities like picnics, going to the parks, and so on.
  4. Every form of physical activity - swimming, hiking, hunting, and so on keeps them happy.
  • When they become extremely possessive

German Shepherds are overly protective of its owners or the family it belongs to. When strangers come to your house, they consider it as a threat to the family. They start charging and barking at the person. This is very common with German Shepherds as it is very loyal and doesn't want to see you in any harm.

Start training your German Shepherd at an early age and you'll be able to control its aggression.

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