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How To Breed A German Shepherd?

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German shepherds are stout dogs that are lovely to be kept at home as pets. They are full of energy, but they channel them out only when required. They are active dogs, but they hold their composure and remain calm yet energized. They are smart and loyal and have a good build.

The strength comes from their inbuilt muscular structures. However, if you are a parent of one and want to breed it, here is a guide to some basic ideas and things of consideration before you proceed.

What are the essential things to keep in mind before breeding?

Breeding is an important part in all the dogs. A wrong step can lead to a deformed generation and have fragile characteristic and features in the babies. Before you go for breeding your male or female German shepherd, these are the points to ensure:

  1. Checking the backgrounds and pedigrees of the counterparts is vital before you proceed with the breeding. Pairing up of the two is the most crucial part. You can only be successful when they complement each other well and their lineage and backgrounds match.
  2. Check the vet records before the proceedings. You need to ensure if there are any health issues or deformities. German shepherds are prone to arthritis, and hence, it is required to check the entire records before plunging into the process.
  3. Get the counterparts elbows and hips x-rayed if possible, instead of relying entirely on the opinions of the breeder. Get it evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and ensure that they do not suffer from dysplasia. They should get a brucellosis test done to know that they are fit and free of all diseases for the next generation to be physically safe and sound. These tests especially need to be conducted in the females, as they are the ones who will show the next generation the light of this world.
  4. The female German shepherds must be the breeding specimen that is more acceptable to ensure a better future in controlling the overpopulation and quality.
  5. Have a talk with the breeder clearly and know about the details extensively to avoid complications and damages to the babies.
  6. Sending over your female German shepherd to the breeder is at times required since they like to keep them to breed them at their site on appropriate days.

These are some of the things that when kept in mind will leave you with a litter of excellent quality and features. The pure breed of puppies will live up to your expectations and make you super proud of your babies!

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