Are Labrador Retrievers Aggressive Dogs? –

Are Labrador Retrievers Aggressive Dogs?

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It will not come as a shock to anyone that these friendly, loving, active, and attractive personality holding dogs are regarded as the most popular breed in America.

From being gentle to incredibly intelligent - they truly own it all. The perfect companion for any family also serves a significant role in search and rescue teams. The bonds that one can create with Labrador Retrievers is beyond words can describe.

However, there is a question that continues to linger in the minds of most people, i.e. whether or not Labrador Retrievers are aggressive in nature.

The Temperament of Labrador Retrievers -

Despite their reputation, their temperament is often questioned. Though Labrador Retrievers are big dogs, it isn't in their nature to be aggressive.

What are the traits found in a Labrador Retriever?

  • Patient personality and great with kids
  • Laid back nature
  • Friendly
  • Full of life and energy
  • Seldom bites
  • Never gets frustrated, angry, or agitated

But, not all dogs are the same, and this applies to Labrador Retrievers as well. There is a chance that they might face certain behavioral issues.

Do Labrador Retriever fall under the category of being aggressive?

Just like humans, every Labrador Retriever has its own personality.

The way a dog is treated and trained says a lot about its behavior. Labrador Retrievers happen to be that breed which studies prove are the least aggressive in nature.

But, can these beautiful dogs be aggressive is a completely different question.These are the reasons that impact a Labrador Retrievers behavior -

  • Life experiences
  • Genetic inheritance from its parents

If the history of your dog shows aggression, then there is a good chance it will show aggressive traits.

Can Labrador Retriever puppies be aggressive?

You must remember that a genuinely aggressive puppy is a frightened one. Before a puppy attacks, it tries to cower and hide while making a low growl. Only when their efforts to avoid you become unsuccessful do they bite.

This is always their last resort.

Can you pick a happy pup?

Of course, you can. All you have to do is to know about the history of its parents. If you are unable to meet the father always try to meet its mother. Is the mother happy to meet you or is it scared, aloof, aggressive, or sad? This will determine the temperament of your dog.

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