Are Labrador Retrievers Protective Of Their Owners? –

Are Labrador Retrievers Protective Of Their Owners?

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If anyone ever wonders why they should own a Labrador Retriever, then the endless list of characteristics of this dog will simply blow you away. These heart melting furry beauties are so much more than a cuddling and playing buddy.

Are you concerned whether a Labrador Retriever is equally amazing when it comes to protecting you from intruders or is it simply going to melt their hearts and lick them all over? Labrador Retrievers can make excellent guard dogs for they own the natural instinct. However, a majority of the times they are simply happy being happy.

The personality of Labrador Retrievers

These dogs that are renowned for their adorable looks have extremely low aggression levels. They are all about being friendly and seldom bite.

This was the reason why they accompanied hunters.

Can a Labrador Retriever protect the family it lives with?

They have a friendly and even-tempered nature and it's against them to display aggression.

It is true that Labrador Retrievers serve the purpose of guard dogs, but a vast majority of this population is way too friendly and extroverted in nature. Though all dogs display different traits even though they belong from the same breed.

Labrador Retrievers - Guard Dogs or Watch Dogs?

A watchdog is a one that is trained to alert the owners in case it senses a threat around them. Though they alert their human companions by barking it never does anything to engage with the threat.

On the other hand, a guard dog constantly protects livestock and the property it lives in.

Why are Labrador Retrievers often used as guard dogs?

  • A Labrador Retriever with proper training can become a guard dog.
  • It has both the mental and physical traits of being a great guard dog.
  • It has a threatening and large size which works in its favor.
  • Labrador Retrievers are physically active and full of energy to deal with the threat.
  • It shows high levels of trustworthiness and attentiveness.
  • Labrador Retrievers are fast and intelligent creatures.

However, they lack high levels of aggression which is often common in a guard dog. Labrador Retrievers are great at scaring the prey from its hiding location. It is because of their loving and caring nature that they are rarely used as guard dogs.

But, they are always eager to help, serve, and make their masters happy.

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