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How Should You Breed A Labrador Retriever?

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The question that every dog owner has is whether or not their dog should have puppies. But, the concerns regarding the same don't end there.

One must also answer multiple questions like, is the dog old and healthy enough to breed, how many puppies Labradors generally have, and the inevitable question of them all, should you be doing the whole breeding process from your dog at all.

However, if you plan on breeding these incredibly precious and adorable dogs, then you will need a lot of planning and care to successfully breed them. 

The medical issues you should keep in mind before breeding out

Labrador Retrievers suffer from joint issues that is caused due to arthritis.

This is common for any kind of large dog. The severity of this problem can be reduced by clearing breeding stock, proper puppy care, and a healthy diet.

You need to keep your dog in a great physical condition where it has the right weight and good muscle tone. If a Labrador retriever is overweight, there can be serious issues when you are trying to breed. The best way to exercise your Labrador is by taking it for swimming.

Being an ethical breeder means you will factor in all the conditions before you plan on breeding your dog. You should try to use a Labrador Retriever's bloodline with several generations of clearance.

This will obviously vary from one country to another.

 If you are planning to avoid fluffy or dilute Gene and wish to steer clear from undesirable traits, then multiple tests are available for the same. One must also book an appointment with a canine ophthalmologist to check the dog's eyes on an annual basis. Don't miss out heart screens either.

 Focus on every aspect of your Labrador retriever before you proceed to breed it 

Being a dog owner, I can tell you it isn't only about these medical conditions that you should rely on while trying to breed your dog.

You must also review all the other traits. This includes structure, temperament, allergies, trainability, and other health concerns. You must understand that a Labrador Retriever is highly versatile, but that can end up being its weakness.

It is time to truly appreciate and learn about your dog before you plan to breed. Respect and keep in mind your Labrador’s drive, intelligence, and trainability. 

Be aware and mindful of your Labrador’s condition if you plan on breeding.

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