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How To Exercise Your Labrador Retriever?

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The rule that applies to humans is equally applicable in the case of Labradors. They need to exercise to stay healthy.

Regardless of the size or the age of your Labrador, it is important to make it exercise on a daily basis. This will ensure strong muscles, healthy heart, and a happy mind.

Labrador Retrievers Are In Need Of Exercise

A Labrador Retriever is an extremely high energy dog breed.

It is basically bred for physically challenging purposes. This involves swimming, running, and hiking. All of which can be excelled by them even in severe conditions.

They do serve an excellent purpose of being a family pet, but they are all about being exceptionally active. That is the reason why their body is built in a way that demands high-level physical activity.

Ways To Exercise Your Labrador Retriever?

My Labrador Retriever gets its exercise through training. However, they can effectively play in a small garden or backyard.

This can include tug or play with a toy connected to the end of a flirt pole. Chasing games, different variations on fetch, use of frisbees, balls, and toys are also an incredible form of fun exercise.

In case you have a neighbor with a dog then both of them can play together for half an hour, and it will end up being a great form of exercise. Dogs stand to benefit the companionship of fellow dogs. It also improves cardiovascular health and builds strength.

Get hold of some treats and a whistle. This is a fun and beneficial form of exercise. My partner and I stand close to one another and then call the dog forward and back between us.

Every time my dog moves in the direction of my partner, I take a few steps back, and my partner does the same when the Labrador runs in my direction. You can reward your dog every time he or she comes in your path with a small treat.

Labradors stand to benefit a great deal from sprinting exercises as well. It is one of the best ways to get its heart pumping.

If you can only exercise your dog by taking it out on walks, then keep in mind that a Labrador Retriever will require walks twice a day, every day. Try to take off the leash for it will be better for them.

These are some of the ways to exercise your Labrador Retriever.

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