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How To Train Your Labrador Retriever?

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The level of cuteness that Labrador Retrievers own crosses every imaginable limit. Their heart-melting smiles, big puppy dog eyes, roly-poly bellies, wagging tails, and zeal for life can transform anyone's day and make it a happy one.

But, when it comes to training, you need to get on with that task from an early age. Since the level of energy, they possess is extremely high it needs to be trained well.

But, you must remember that it is very easy to train a Labrador Retriever and they are extremely friendly in nature.

You must try to understand them

Unless you teach your Labrador what it should or shouldn't do you can't brand it as a 'bad’ dog. They behave what feels natural to them.

Labradors are highly versatile in nature and are used by fishermen, hunters, policemen, and are of great service to the blind. But, to build any trait, you need to train it thoroughly.

What should you do?

  • Take it out for walks
  • Engage in physical activities that serve as a form of exercise like running, playing fetch, and so on
  • Labradors love to swim
  • Start the training process at an early age.

Be strict when the time demands

What should you do when it comes to teaching him or her commands?

  1. Keep your commands short like sit, stay, no, wait, lie down, and come.
  2. You must always address a Labrador Retriever by its name.
  3. Keep the name short and simple for him or her to understand
  4. Dogs will never follow lectures so don't waste time on it
  5. Don't shout at your dog for Labradors are extremely excited by nature which means it won't work on them. Try to sound stern. Dogs can sense frustration which will have an impact on its behavior that is why you have to be patient with them.

Adopt standard training techniques

There are certain things that you can and can't do while training your Labrador Retriever.

  • Never, ever hit your dog. This will end up affecting their behavior.
  • When your dog follows your commands reward it with a treat or pat on its head.
  • Always have chew toys for your Labrador Retriever because it is a food-oriented dog.

There are several homes that forget that it is an innocent creature which is reacting what seems normal to it. Don't hurt your dog through painful punishments.

Be patient and follow the training techniques.

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