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All About The Temperament Of Pugs

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Are you looking to add a new furry member to your life and family? Then, a pug is the perfect choice for you. Pugs have extremely distinct physical traits that can prompt anyone to take them home. However, before you bring a pug home, it is crucial to learn all about its temperament and personality.

If you think you have figured out a pug all by its compact frame, stubby legs, and wrinkled face, then it is time to read this article to find out more.

A brief history of pugs

It was during 200-206 AD that pugs originated in China and during this time they were only owned by Tibetan monasteries and Chinese imperial households. That is why pugs possess a heritage that is steeped in adoration and respect. They were once the favorite of the wealthy Europeans, and they are considered to be the oldest breed of canine that has ever existed.

Recently they have gained a lot of popularity and are a popular choice of pet across the globe.

The unique characteristics of a pug

  • Pugs have a small stature.
  • They belong to the toy breed.
  • A pug weighs between 14 to 18 pounds.
  • Regardless of their petite structure, a pug is brimming with personality.
  • They are renowned for their short snout, large head, protruding eyes, and curly tail.
  • Keep it in mind they are not meant to do any tasks. They were never bred to perform any tasks.
  • Pugs are not retrievers, guard dogs, hunters, and so on. But, they make excellent companion dogs.

The temperament of a pug

  • The stubbornness of a pug is something that owners often deal with. Several pugs display a stubborn streak.
  • They are never aggressive despite their stubbornness.
  • Pugs are a breed that is always eager to please its owner.
  • You can train a pug with proper dedication, a lot of patience, and motivation in the form of treats and pats on its head.
  • They love attention and are a perfect fit for any home that is big or small.
  • A pug will be very happy in a home that offers it a lot of love and attention. They live to please.
  • It goes without saying that pugs are easy going creatures.

No matter where you go your pug will follow. Isn't that simply adorable? Bring your own loving, caring, and incredibly cute furry 'shadow' home.

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