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How Should You Breed A Pug?

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Pugs are the sweetest. With little or no fuss, they were initially raised to be lap dogs. Well, the question that every other owner of their dog has is if their dog should or should not become a parent.

However, the concerns grow further. There are some questions that may come to your mind if you are willing to breed your pug. They are:

  • Is the pug overweight?
  • Is he healthy enough to be bred?
  • How many puppies does he need?

Well, if you are adamant to breed your pet, then decide to dedicate enough time for their well-being.

The medical tips and tricks to keep in mind before the breeding

If you are willing to breed your dog, then there are a few medical issues that have to be fixed or made sure of before taking them out for breeding. Since you treat them like your own babies, hence it is obviously your duty to see to the benefits of their breeding.

The medical tips that you should keep in mind are:

  • You should see to it that your pug is matured enough to be bred, both physically or mentally.
  • Your pug has no medical issues such as arthritis or muscle problems
  • A bitch should not be bred unless and until she is 18 months of age.
  • Both the mating partners have good nostrils that will help the upcoming generation have good or better features.

The other factors that should be kept in mind

It is not only the medical factors that should be a matter of your concern.

There are many other factors as well. These are the training ability if they are allergic to something, the temperament, their body structure and others.

The litter will stay with you; hence you have to make way for them as well.

It is vital to have sufficient knowledge about a pug before you take him out to breed. In case you have a bitch, you have to know about her heat cycles well. Keeping a track would help.Since pugs are a bit prone to being overweight and a bit obese, it is important to keep their diet in check and feed them a bit less.

With these tips and simple tricks, it will be easier for you to look after the breeding process of pugs without much of a hassle.

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