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How To Train A Pug?

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Pugs are a preferred choice of a pet due to their small size, appearance, friendly nature, and clownish personality. This low activity breed prefers to stay curled up next to its owners rather than being a part of outdoor games.

Their even temperaments enable them to respond well to training methods which helps them to respond well to different basic obedience commands.

You must also remember that pugs have special needs when it comes to training.

What are the rules you need to follow when it comes to training your pug?

  • Try to train your pug puppy within six months of its birth.
  • Early training will enable you to control its bad habits like barking, biting, and jumping.
  • This way you will be able to establish the fact that you are his or her commander and make it realize what you like or don't like.
  • Make the most of words like 'no' and 'stop' to discourage every bad manner.
  • You need to reward your puppy with treats and good treatment.
  • Never make the mistake of yelling at your pugs.

How to potty train your pug?

Potty training is an incredibly slow process, and it will take a long time for your pug to follow. So, be patient and don't give up.

  • Buy a proper size crate. It should be big enough for your pug to sit, stand, lie down, and move. This way you can use a divider where the pug can eliminate its waste.
  • Attend to your dog thrice a day, especially after its meals. It is important to remember that pugs go out more often; that is why you will need to take your pug out every few hours.
  • A pug puppy that is only two months old needs to go out every three hours.
  • Watch out for signs. In case you hear your puppy whining take him or her out.
  • Use a leash to take it outside. This way it can guide you to a preferable position.

Train your pug to stay and sit

  • Choose a place that has absolutely no distractions.
  • Buy a comfy bed for your pug to sleep, stay, and sit.
  • It will be bored if it is hungry so make sure it is fed.
  • Use authoritative voice while commanding it to sit and stay followed by hand gestures.
  • Reward with treats and repeat.

You need to understand and be aware of a pug's character and nature before training it.

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