All You Need To Know About Australian Shepherd Versus German Shepherd –

All You Need To Know About Australian Shepherd Versus German Shepherd

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Are you confused between the two Shepherds? The Australian Shepherd and the German Shepherd may sound similar by their names but are two very distinct dogs with different characteristics.

Know about each of them thoroughly before you decide whom to bring home.

Personality and temperament

Both the dogs are the right choice for new owners, though the Australian Shepherd is slightly friendlier with kids. Australian shepherds go well with strangers too if they are well groomed and tend to like them. German shepherds are not that playful with kids, but they are excellent family dogs.

However, they do not appreciate any presence of strangers, especially if they begin to feel something unfriendly or suspicious about the person.  Both the dogs are in general very loving and affectionate and are always willing to please their owners. While the Australian Shepherd is the less aggressive of the two, the German Shepherd is the more protective one.  


Both dogs are highly intelligent and smart. They are very easy to groom and train if started early. The German Shepherd is always ready to obey and take the commands. They are incredibly protective and alert and make perfect watchdogs.

In fact, the German Shepherd is the best watchdog you can have at home because of its highly alert and smart instincts.


Both the dogs are comfortable in both indoor spaces and outdoor spaces, and they can do well with anything from small yards to large yards. But while Australian shepherds can tolerate temperatures from 30°F to 80°F, German shepherds need temperature conditions ranging between 40°F to 85°F. Both the dogs are vivacious, active and energetic but the Australian Shepherd slightly is slightly more in this aspect.

But both of them need high amounts of play and exercise to keep them fit and channelize their energy. They are strong and energetic dogs that love to keep you on your toes.


Both the dogs need to be groomed really well from a young age. Since both of them are very energetic dogs, they can engage in destructive activities and become very stubborn if you do not train them well and teach them obedience. The Australian Shepherd is a medium maintenance dog while the German Shepherd needs high coat maintenance, high shedding and dander problems.

Their behavior needs to be mended well to make them obedient and socialized.

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