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All You Need To Know About Australian Shepherd Versus Pugs

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Both the Australian shepherd and the pug are cute little pets to have around the house and spread a feeling of happiness, liveliness and positivity. Know about the characteristics and personality traits of both the dogs before deciding whom to make a part of your family.

Temperament and personality

Both the pug and the Australian shepherd are good choices for new owners as they are easy to train and bond very well with the family. They are completely family dogs who fall in love with each and every member very easily and are wonderfully playful with children.

If you are looking for a dog to give company to your children, they are the best choices. Both of them are gentle, non-aggressive and playful.

The Australian shepherd has a tendency to bark more, but the pug has a lesser tendency to bark even. You must also note that the Australian shepherd is not very fond of other pets or strangers that they begin to dislike, but pugs love each and every one from other pets in the house to complete strangers.

The Australian shepherd is always willing to please you and is very affectionate while the pug is at the same time a bit stubborn, possessive and loves to snuggle up beside you all day. It hates staying alone and will try to seek your attention. 

Energy and intelligence

The Australian shepherd is a very intelligent dog, responds extremely fast to training and follows commands well. The pug is neither smart nor active and can be considered below average when compared to the Australian shepherd in terms of intelligence and activeness. The pug is a deficient energy dog that does not prefer much activity. It is a weaker dog when compared to the Australian shepherd. 


Australian shepherds can adjust in temperatures from 30°F to 80°F, but pugs have a temperature tolerate ranging from 55°F to 80°F. The Australian shepherd needs high amounts of playing and exercising every day because of its high levels of energy that needs to be channelized and groomed well.

But the pug does not require so much of exercise or outdoor activity and cannot tolerate high-intensity activities. But the pug requires more shedding and coat maintenance than the Australian shepherd.


Both dogs need very high levels of grooming to make them well trained and obedient dogs. The Australian shepherd needs a bit more socialization than the pug. None of them can, however, be made into good watchdogs but is great as loveable and playful dogs for the family.

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