Australian Shepherds And Their Protective Temperament –

Australian Shepherds And Their Protective Temperament

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The Australian Shepherd is a popular breed as it is admired for its cute looks, strong herding instincts and amicable nature.  Unlike the name, the Australian Shepherds are not basically Australian. They are originated into Europe as Pyrenean Shepherds and imported to us later in the 18th century.

It got well known here for its herding skills, capability, sharp and steady state of mind and body. The Australian Shepherds are believed to be successful herders and have a protective instinct for almost everyone it is lived with.

The traits and characteristics:

That sense of protectiveness and belongingness are quite general in terms of both human and animals but in case of the Australian Shepherds; they are just overwhelmingly protective of their animals and humans.

The Australian Shepherds are protective in nature, but that is not their dominant feature.

The Australian Shepherds, notably the shepherds from German are trained to protect herds and flocks. They tend to react in any way possible if they see any harm coming to the flock or herd. This same instinct of protectiveness is transferred to the future breeds as well. Now, the threat, fear or danger could be anything. It could be either a bear or just a mailman.

The Australian Shepherd retaliates pretty much the same to any danger causing situation. They bark aggressively and keep a close eye to intruders or strangers they are not much happy with.

However, any of these doesn’t make the Australian Shepherd a dog that is not friendly enough to let in new people.

Intelligence as pets:

  1. They are just very keen and thorough scanners. They are not foolish to bark their days around. An Australian Shepherd is intelligent of all the dog breeds when it comes to protecting either a herd or a person. It is mostly heretical, herding requires sharp and attentive minds, and the Australian Shepherds are blessed with that.
  2. The Australian Shepherds are driven to controlling movements. If you train them with certain movements, they shall follow it at once. Australian Shepherds are the perfect pets to the right kind of person who is fun, loving and playful enough.

They develop and grow much when their owners are heavily involved with them.  Any person would cherish the decision of having a shepherd as a pet because they are great watchdogs to babies, home, flocks and other animals as well.

They have strong guarding skills and sharp instincts.

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