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German Shepherd Shedding - Causes And Solutions

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Shedding of German Shepherds is a major problem for the owners. They don't get to know what's causing so much of shedding. Here's everything discussed below.

How much do German Shepherds shed?

German Shepherds shed a LOT. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10 shedding of a shepherd can be ranked at 9. This means that you'll find hair all over clothes whenever you hug him, and you can see tumble-weeds of hair blowing with wind through your home.

Why do German Shepherds shed so much?

If you find your shepherd shedding too much, know that it is very normal for the breed. There's nothing new or wrong with your dog. In fact, this is the characteristic of this breed. However, there might be some reasons that can boost the shedding. Know what they are:

  1. Poor Diet

Excessive shedding is mainly because of poor diet. Any deficiency in nutrition affects a dog's skin and coat directly. This is why you should select a balanced diet for your dog, including high-quality foods.

  1. Allergies

Allergies cause itchiness that leads to shedding. Symptoms for allergies include constant scratching, sneezing, itchy skin, red watery eyes, infected or inflamed ears and patches missing fur. Know that there is some allergy if you note such symptoms in your shepherd.

  1. Pain

Though this is not so common, yet your dog might be suffering from physical pain for the disease. Lethargic behavior and lack of energy are some signs of physical pain that indirectly leads to shedding.

  1. Pregnancy

Like in humans, pregnancy changes skin elasticity and hair follicles. This results in huge shedding for a few months. If this is the reason behind shedding of your shepherd, there's nothing to worry.

  1. Stress

Dogs are good at hiding stress, but their shedding gives you a signal that something is wrong. Aggression, lethargy, drooling, destructive behavior, pinned back ears, pacing and tail between legs are some signs of stress. If there's something like that, find playful and fun ways to keep your dog happy and stress-free.

Grooming tips to deal with shedding

  1. Brush the shepherd regularly. However, giving them a bath every week is not necessary. Once a month would be enough.
  2. Use deshedding shampoo and conditioner for your dog, whenever bathing him.
  3. Make sure your shepherd has a good diet. This plays a very important role in the coat quality of the breed.

With these tips, you can deal with shedding to some extent.

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