Australian Shepherds: The popular dog on the block –

Australian Shepherds: The popular dog on the block

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An Australian Shepherd is famous for its versatile nature. It is cute, intelligent, quick-learner and a perfect pet. Unlike its name, the Shepherds are not of Australian origins but belongs to the Western US. People also believe that they got their name from the Aussie sheep which they used to herd.

Their breed came into knowledge after World War 2 and became public after shows and televisions.

The features of Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog and weighs around 30 to 70 pounds. They come in various colors such as black, brown and white. Also, the full range of colors is the result of the combination of Allele or the Merle Allele. They also have a great variety of eye colors. Australian Shepherds are heterochromatic which also means they have ghost-like eyes.

They have even two different eye colors which is not a concern at all as long as their eyes of any color are healthy. Their hairs are either curly or straight, and tails are either naturally stubby or otherwise long.

The characteristics of American Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a hyper-active breed of dogs and indulge a lot of their time in playing. They require a significant amount of exercise, attention and training from a mentor to remain fit, healthy, energetic and happy. They love working whether it is learning or competing in any task that involves them physically and mentally engaged. They are also called ‘Velcro dogs’.

These dogs always have a strong desire to be around their owners. They even have a tendency to build an intense bond with their owners or some selected people.

Australian Shepherds versatile traits

Australian Shepherds are widely known for their training skills and herding trails. They are successful as sports dogs, search-rescue dogs, detection drugs, service dogs and therapy dogs etc.

  1. They are very energetic and playful. They are intelligent and pick up commands easily.
  2. They are loyal to their owners and can be easily brought up along with other animals or American Shepherd.
  3. They are great in taking care of other animals which is how they got their name in the first place.
  4. Australian Shepherd is devoted to their owners. They never leave their owner’s side and are super protective of them.
  5. Australian Shepherds are trained to become great guardians. They do exceptionally well with responsibilities.
  6. They are protective of the property.

A sunny day in a park makes your Australian Shepherd happy a thousand times.

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