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How To Exercise An Australian Shepherd

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Australian shepherds are very good pets but at the same time they need certain features and important aspects to be there in order to keep them as pets. They are very cute and agile even as puppies but they grow up to be very stout and intelligent dogs. For that, you need to prepare them likewise.

Grooming is a major part of their upbringing and a lot of things depend upon it. How a dog behaves around other pets, dogs or people reflect your grooming as a parent.

However, you need not fuss about it if you have an Australian shepherd, as here is a complete set of exercises that you can adopt as your guideline.

What are the exercises that are needed for an Australian shepherd?

Australian shepherd takes a lot of time to get trained and groomed. They are intelligent dogs but very enthusiastic. This, at times, makes it difficult for you to exercise an Aussie puppy.

Exercise daily:

  • Make sure the Australian shepherds exercise daily at a stretch of about 1 to 2 hours. This helps them stay fit and fine. They are very active ones;hence, they need more exercise to increase their stamina.
  • Simple running around and trotting make them happy and they will have a good temperament all day long.

Games cum exercises:

  • These fellows evolve into large dogs with a good structure. Hence, it is very important to keep them fit and not let any health issue take over. The best way to make them exercise is to play games with them.
  • Playing fetch with your dog will make their brains sharper and they will have a good reflex. The reflex muscles get strengthened and stronger.
  • Hide and seek is another great way to make them follow instructions and putting their reflexes to work. They become more intelligent and can deal well with instructions if they are made to play and exercise on a daily basis.

Walk your dog:

  • Taking your dog on a walk proves good for their health. The daily habit of walking will keep them stay strong and flexible.
  • Take them out to the parks or somewhere with a sprawling area so that they get enough space to move and walk about. They do not like confined spaces and this can create havoc on their mentality, temperament and health.


These are some simple exercises, which you can follow to keep your Aussie happy and healthy. A daily dose of energy gain and cardio is very much important to keep their moods on check as well!

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