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How To Train Australian Shepherd Puppy

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The Australian Shepherd is an extremely energetic dog that needs to be trained really well from a young age. Since it is naturally very energetic it may engage itself if scratching, chewing and digging business unless you train it to develop good habits and involve it in some playful work. Start training the puppy from a young age to increase the bonding and make it a really well behaved and obedient dog.

Socialize the puppy

As soon as you bring home the little thing, you must make him or her socialize with the people and things around the home. The puppy must get familiar with the environment to bond with everyone and everything around it. If a dog is not socialized properly at a young age, it may become shy and fearful of things and have severe behavioral problems in future.

Such behavior can later result in fear biting too. Take your dog out to introduce them to new things and new people when it is still young. 

Start toilet training at an early age

It is also essential to start toilet training your puppy at an early age. Introduce the puppy to house breaking as early as possible to prevent it from relieving anywhere at home. An Australian Shepherd puppy likes to live in a clean environment naturally, so if you train it well, it will learn where to relieve itself.

Take your puppy for a walk every two or three hours and after each meal to develop the habit of house breaking till it learns the appropriate place to relieve. Do not forget to reward with treats whenever it does its job correctly.

Train him obedience

It is necessary to teach obedience to your puppy at an early age so that it does not become stubborn and learns to obey you later in life. It also helps you to have control over your dog.

Since Australian Shepherds are very active and energetic, it tends to become very stubborn and ill-mannered if not appropriately trained at an early age. With proper training, however, it can become the friendliest, obedient well-mannered and the most loveable dog that protects you and your home like a true watchdog.

Teach him sport

Involve your puppy in dog sport while he or she is still young. This helps to control and channelize their energy and stop them from engaging in destructive activities. It will learn to behave well and understand what you expect it to do. These dogs are excellent at sports, and it gives them a chance to shape their agility into something purposeful.

It also helps to utilize their energy in eventful activities. 

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