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Australian Shepherd - Facts On Breeding

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The Australian Shepherd belongs to the herding breed of dogs. They are every cowboy's choice of dog when it comes to protecting their flock or cattle.

Australian Shepherds are medium sized dogs who are smart and intelligent. They are very easy to train, and you can make them your partner for any work or to take part in sports.

If you are breeding an Australian Shepherd, then here are a few tips for you.

  1. Remember the basics

Before you make any decision for breeding go through the basics. That is,

  • Check for the correct temperament (Aussie temperament).
  • Check for the level of intelligence.
  • Check for health conditions (poor health conditions should never be taken for breeding).
  • True versatility in the lines.
  1. The Perfect Mate

While choosing a mate for your Australian Shepherd dog, go for the bitch that has potential. If there is a female Australian Shepherd with proven results of mating, then choose that one as the mate for your dog. But you should also be careful about the health of the female partner and whether she is still capable of giving the expected results or not.

Another critical factor is that the female Australian Shepherd should complement your male Australian Shepherd. Only if this happens, the breeding will prove to be positive.

  1. The First Timers

If it is the first time for your dog in breeding, then you should be extra careful. You should be well aware of the potential of your dog, but there is no proof of how his offspring might be. Since there are no examples to justify or prove the potentials of your dog, it is best to play safe.

By playing safe, it means, that you should breed your dog with a female Australian Shepherd who has been bred before and the results have been positive.

Breed your dog with the female partner who has potential that has been proven before. Also, since the partner already has experience of how breeding works, your dog will have to face less trouble. You will also get the chance to review the offspring and their quality to your dog's potential.

Breeding requires a lot of responsibility on the part of the owner. A wrong step in choosing the mate or the process of breeding can affect your dog’s health severely. So, keep in mind your dog’s potential but also remember not to compromise on his health.

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