Australian Shepherds – Temperament –

Australian Shepherds – Temperament

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Australian shepherds are friendly and outgoing. They require companionship and love. While the personality may vary at times, the basic temperament remains constant.


  1. Australian Shepherds are the herding breed of dogs. Their energy level and stamina are remarkable. They are always active and playful. They can be put to any task of activity, and they will always be up for it.
  2. Australian Shepherds are clever dogs. They are smart and quick. They can be trained very easily. They learn how to follow instructions and act on command faster than the other breed of dogs.
  3. Australian Shepherds are friendly dogs. They love to be around people. It is very simple to introduce these breed of dog to new people. Australian Shepherds are interactive and joyful. They are always looking for companionship. They may only start acting aggressive if they sense any danger.
  4. Australian Shepherds create strong bonds with their owners. They get attached to the owner and the family very soon. Hence Australian Shepherds are always looking out for their family. This behavior often leads to the dog suffering from separation issues if their owner has been gone for too long. They start behaving aggressively. They might even go into the mode of not eating anything which makes them tired and sick. And they continue to behave this way till they are reunited with the owner or other family members.
  5. Australian Shepherds are not aggressive unless there is a reason for them to act like that. They are aggressive only when they need to alert their owner about any threat. Otherwise, these are the dogs who love to socialize.
  6. Australian Shepherds are usually very protective of their families. Because of their bloodline, they have the natural instinct of behaving like a guard dog. They will work towards warding off any probable threat to the owner, with or without training.
  7. Australian Shepherds are extremely loyal and respectful towards their owner. Sometimes they might become possessive of their owner and start acting overprotective.


Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent; hence they are very easy to train. They learn the lessons being taught to them faster than the other breeds.

It is often suggested that you start training your Australian Shepherd as early as possible. Without training, the chances of the dog behaving aggressively are very high.

Australian Shepherds are family dogs. With the correct amount of training and care, they are the perfect companion to have.

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