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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Boxer

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Dogs are a man’s best friend, and every family should have a dog. If you are looking out for which dog you should be buying for your family, then here are a few reasons why a boxer is the best choice:

  1. Protective

Boxers are extremely protective of their families. They will cover the extra mile to make certain that their family is safe. They are ready to put their own lives in danger just to save the owner. They can sense danger owing to their heightened senses and alertness.

  1. Energetic

Boxers belong to the breed of dogs who are almost always full of energy. They are always up and excited about going for walks, or any trip as such. Boxers need a lot of exercises owing to their body and physique. They are the happiest when they get to run around.

Boxers love playtime, especially with their owners. It is very easy to get them to exercise; you just have to get them to the dog park and let them free.

  1. Curious

Boxers are curious and inquisitive in their nature. They love to explore and are always looking out for small adventures. They can be silly at times in their hunt for knowledge. They are goofy and cute, but at the same time, they are intelligent and smart. They will always be picking up on small tricks or a few mannerisms because of their inquisitive nature.

You can even teach them some tricks which your boxer will be showing off to other people later.

  1. Quick learners

Boxers are an intelligent breed of dog. They are smart, and hence they can pick up on orders faster than the other dog. Boxers learn very quickly all the things that are taught to them.

They are very easy to train. But boxers should be trained from an early age to teach them all the basic commands and instructions as can be given by the owner. This will help them in learning how to behave and also control their temperament. They are very obedient and respectful towards their owner.

  1. Patience

Boxers have the highest level of patience. This is the quality which makes them good with babies. They can tolerate kids goofing around with them. They are very patient when it comes to children or any of their owner's family members.

Choose wisely and get your pet home!

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