Comparison Between A Boxer And An Afghan Hound –

Comparison Between A Boxer And An Afghan Hound

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Bred in the cold mountains of Afghanistan, this breed is distinguished by its rare features. Very unique and different from the other breeds of pet dogs, the Afghan hounds have long silky fur that is fine and thick and dreamy. With drooping long ears and a tail that curls like a ring at the end, they look quite different from their other counterparts.

They are pretty clownish in appearance and are timid and independent. The boxers, on the other hand, were originally bred to be guard dogs. Their stout and strong structures make them quite rough ones. They are always happy to help and trying to please their owners at all costs.

They are highly affectionate and seek attention at all times. 

What are the features that make them distinguishable from one another?

Both the breeds are different from one another in a lot of ways. Starting right from their breeds to their features, they are not alike at all. If you are planning to pet either of the two, here is a guideline of comparisons laid out for you to choose which one is best for you.

  • Originally bred in Afghanistan, an Afghan hound is a unique dog comprising funny features. With a lifespan of about 13 to 14 years, they are large n size with too much energy imbibed in them.The boxers too are quite enthusiastic in nature, but they are stout and intelligent and highly protective of their owners.
  • Afghan hounds have long coats of fur and hence need grooming quite frequently. They have to be taken for a bath regularly to maintain their god-gifted fur. The boxers have a short coat of fur and can be bathed rarely as they shed lesser compared to these hounds.
  • Both of them have high food expenditure and need proper care and nutrition to help them live a better and healthier life. Their lifespan can be extended if proper care is taken, especially when it comes to food.
  • With heavy exercise and regular grooming, both of them have to maintain their strength in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

If you are planning to choose a pet for yourself, Afghan Hound makes a good pet, as they are independent and aloof and does not require too much affection. The boxers are seekers of both love and attention and can be complete babies when they want warmth and hugs from you to help them stay happy and motivated.

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