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What You Should Know About A Boxer’s Temperament

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A boxer is recognized for their loyalty. They are strong dogs and have a physique built like that of an athlete.

The boxers belong to the hunter breed. Later on, they became guard dogs after receiving proper training. They are lovable and a great companion to have.

The temperament of a Boxer

The positives:

  1. Boxers are known for their joyful, fun-loving nature. They are always active and want to play. They love going outdoors and enjoying in the playground.
  2. Boxers are very friendly in nature. They are outgoing, and they can make friends with other dogs easily. You will find them playing in a group and jumping about with joy.
  3. Boxers are highly intelligent and smart dogs. They have the ability to pick up on what is being taught to them very quickly. They are smarter than the other breed of dogs.
  4. They are very protective of their owners as well as the owner's family members. They can do whatever is in their power to save their owner from danger. They are always alert and make sure their owner and family are safe. Due to this quality, they become excellent watchdogs and are often trained and used for security duty purposes.
  5. Boxers are very patient with kids. They grow very gentle when it comes to babysitting children. Their tolerance is high and so is their patience when they are around toddlers. This makes them the perfect pet to have in the family expecting a baby or has a newborn child.

The negatives:

  1. Boxers are very excited dogs. If their excitement is not controlled, then they might unintentionally injure the smaller dogs while playing.
  2. They might start behaving in an aggressive manner with the strangers if they are not trained properly.

Training a boxer

Based on a boxer’s temperament, a lot of questions arise regarding when it should be trained. A boxer should be trained from as early as when it is just three months old because this is the period when a dog’s brain starts developing.

A boxer should be taught the commands and instructions. Boxers are quick learners and it is very easy to train them. Training plays a significant role in determining how a boxer is going to behave even when it is at its peak of excitement.

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