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Differences Between A German Shepherd And A Golden Retriever

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German shepherds are stout and smart dogs of high intelligence. They are loyal and make amazing pets. Super enthusiastic and active, they are ideal for people willing to take them as they are.  They need a good dose of exercise every day to stay fit happy and healthy. Golden retrievers, on the other hand, make lovely pets and please their owners and family.

They have a good rapport with the people and are always trying to garner the favourite spot in your heart by their behaviors.

What are the major differences in the two breeds?

Both the breeds make amazing pets and are lovely to hang out with. With not a single dull moment in your day, they are always active and want to stay by your side forever. They are cuddly, loyal, and protective about the owners and their families. Nevertheless, there are a few major differences between the two breeds. Before you adopt either, make sure you are clear about the basic features and characteristics.

  • If you wish to adopt a golden retriever, it will cost you a bit more than getting a German shepherd home. The Retrievers are more expensive but quite easy to get.
  • The Retrievers have flat or wavy coat while the Germans shepherds have a very dense furry coat.
  • The retrievers when bred give birth to a litter of 6 to 9 puppies while the German shepherds give birth to 5 to 8 at a time.
  • Erect ears and saber tails make up the features of a German shepherd while the golden retrievers have folded ears and straight tails.
  • The Retrievers are always willing to please people and are extremely dotting as a pet whereas the German shepherds are loyal and active as well while being a bit more reserved than the retrieves.
  • Germans shepherds are quite good with children and kids and take good care of them. Retrievers, on the other hand, are extremely protective of the babies and infants and make amazing partners for your kids.
  • German shepherds are more like working dogs, can be left alone, and does not need a lot of cuddles or pampering. They retrievers are complete babies and need attention all around the clock. They are always people-pleasers and look out for some good cuddles and hugs in return.


These are the points and the basic differences between a German shepherd and a golden retriever. They both make very good pets; however, it is unwise to provoke the German shepherds to anger. The consequences can be alarming and fatal as well.

Nonetheless, they both are amazing guard dogs and will stay loyal to you till their last breath.

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Image courtesy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/animal-dog-old-german-shepherd-dog-pet-208922/

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