Life Expectancy And The Price Of A German Shepherd –

Life Expectancy And The Price Of A German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are healthy dogs who love to exercise. They are always up for long walks and any form of activities they can indulge themselves in. Let them run around in your backyard or take them to the dog park. Let them enjoy themselves and have their fair share of exercise and playtime.

They are healthy dogs when given an adequate amount of exercise. They also need proper diet and nutrition.

The life expectancy of German Shepherds:

German Shepherds usually have a life expectancy of about 11 to 13 years. For this, they need proper care.

As an owner, it is among your duties to have knowledge on the health history of your dog. Knowing the past records of health is a must because of the following reasons:

  • It makes you aware of whether your dog has suffered from any kind of illness in the past.
  • Whether your dog has any allergies to specific things.
  • Whether your dog is intolerant to any food which might affect his digestive system.
  • Whether your dog needs any medication on a regular basis to keep them healthy.

Routine visits to the veterinary clinic is important (even if your dog hates it). Discussing your dog's health history with the veterinary doctor is compulsory. It will give you the idea of how you should take care of your German shepherd. The doctor can also determine the life expectancy of your dog based on his current health condition.

You can also get to know about the various measures you can take to keep your German Shepherd healthy for as long as possible.

Price of a German Shepherd

  • The prices of adopting a German Shepherd puppy varies depending on the place and the person you are adopting them from.
  • In India, German Shepherds are priced at around ₹15000 to ₹20000. If you want a pure breed of German Shepherd, then make sure you buy them from a trusted and authorised breeder.
  • The animal farms and dog mills might offer you a lesser price. But chances are that the dog is not of pure breed. It might be a mixed breed of might be suffering from a disease.

You can also consult your veterinarian and check if the puppy you are going to adopt is a pure breed.


Get home a perfect furry baby. German Shepherds are great watchdogs and they love to play around too. It is like getting home a furry friend and also a protector at the same time!


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