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How To Exercise A German Shepherd?

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As working dogs, German shepherds were originally bred for herding. Well, because of their structure and stout physiques, they have been used in several other tasks as well including guarding and rescuing. The army people often train them as they are fit for the position of sniffers.

They are enthusiasts and need a hell lot of exercises to stay fit and agile.

What are the exercises that they need?

Germans shepherds require at least an hour of exercises every day that help them in burning the excessive calories. Indulging in more is appreciable. If their energies are pent up, they might get destructive and want to vent it out, resulting in severe misbehaviors despite your trainings. Hence, a regular dose of exercise is needed.

  • Taking them out for a walk every single day is the basic warm-up that they require.

This is necessary and not a single day should be missed out on. A minimum of 30 to 45 minutes of walking is necessary for them to stay fit. It is better if you get to take them out for two walks per day.

  • The flirt pole exercise is the next one in line.

A long handle with a rope tied to a toy on one end, this will lure the dogs to chase the dangling toy as you keep on moving the direction of the toy in a circular motion. This is important for his reflex and works for the whole body.

  • The throw and fetch exercise are the common one.

Get a toy or a ball, throw it at a distance, and allow the dog to get it for you. This too will work on their reflex actions and make them more sound and consistent in their stunts.

  • The Frisbee toss is something similar and gets the dog into action.

The instantaneity will be worked on and the dog will always be alert and agile.

  • Stair sprints can be never good for them.

Make them trot up and down the stairs, as this will flex out their muscles a lot more than just walking or running.

Take a note of the tips and get to work on the body and physique, helping them get the pent-up energies used up and calm them down for the rest of the day. The good levels of stamina must be there in your dog and never lost, as their lifestyle will ensure their longevity.

The more they exercise, the better for these big babies as they will keep fit and dine and live with you longer.

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