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Difference Between Pugs And Golden Retrievers

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How excited we get whenever we spot a puppy or a grown-up dog on the streets irrespective of their sizes! We forget everything and rush to give it some good cuddle. Well, different people have different tastes in pets. Some prefer the mighty and muscular ones while some just want a little and fluffy one to accompany them everywhere that they go.

Both of them are dogs but of different species. However, do you know what makes them so?

What makes a Pug different from a Golden Retriever?

The pugs are small and fuss-free dogs that were originally bred to be lapdogs. The retrievers, on the other hand, are huge dogs.

They need care and attention and will forever like to please you.


  • They require more grooming than the golden retrievers. They are versatile no doubt, but they need the required time to be well groomed.
  • Both the breeds are above average barkers, but the pugs are quieter than the retrievers. They like to snuggle and live close to you.
  • The pugs normally live for 12-15 years.
  • They are little dogs of around 10-14 inches and a weight of 13-20lb roughly.
  • They have below average standard of intelligence.
  • They enjoy a lot of attention flooding in and are very snuggly.
  • Very stubborn, they like to do things their way.


Golden Retrievers:

  • If you are going to be the parent of your four-legged baby for the first time, then golden retrievers are the best for you. Even though pugs too make a lovely pet for the first timers, golden retrievers are a slightly better choice.
  • Golden retrievers are above average barkers and can scare people off unintentionally.
  • These are the constant people pleasers. They like being appreciated and loved. They will always find a way or the other top [make you happy.
  • They live for around 10-12 years.
  • Golden retrievers are big dogs and are 21-24 inches in height. They have a weight of 55-80lb on an average.
  • They are very intelligent. They can practically read your mind and find out when you are in a pensive mood.
  • Being very affectionate, they always expect you to love and cuddle them


The pugs are cute and easy to tag along while the golden retrievers grow up super-fast and cannot be accompanied anywhere and everywhere that you go. These dogs are better kept in a house and looked after. Again, for novice parents like, retrievers make better babies than pugs.

After a fair amount of comparison, now it is your choice to keep one. (or even two, if you wish!)

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