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Are Pugs Protective Of Their Owners?

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Pugs are cute little fellows, crawling around without creating a fuss. All they need in return is a lot of cuddles and a lot more love. They are these sheer little balls of cuteness with funny expressions that make them an ideal family dog.

They were originally bred to be lapdogs. They are generally quiet and stubborn. Often described as “a whole lotto dog”, they are actually very caring and have the big dog personalities in spite of being such a small one. They are not accustomed to the heat and are prone to get strokes while basking too much in the sunlight.

Hence, they themselves need some protection.

How are they around their owners?

  • The pugs are super friendly and comfortable to deal with.

They are very good with babies and kids. The family members are super proud of them, as they are always so snuggly and quiet but require a lot of attention. They need their regular dose of cuddles and get very jealous with you if you do not give them their stipulated time and attention.

They are extremely stubborn and want all things their own way. These little babies are quite versatile as well but need some time to be well groomed.

  • Their baby-like tendencies make them a super favorite of their owners.

Even though they are good with other pets and dogs, they often get envious of the love and attention conferred upon others. They have the zeal to protect their owners but are not allowed to go extents because of their size.

They are more likely to stay calm and quiet. The absence of a protruded jaw makes it harder for them to bite so they are practically harmless.

Their general behavior around infants and kids

Pugs generally are very friendly with children and infants and like to play games and have fun. With a little walk around the park or courtyard, they will be happy for the rest of the day. They can endure tortures or playful thrash from a child, still will never bite or nimble.

They are quite protective of the family of its owners and home. But they are a bit fragile as puppies and should be looked after while playing. They live for around 12 years on an average but can survive longer provided they have proper care and nutrition.

They are these ideal lap-warmers and make great pets. They are very loyal to the entire family.

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