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Are Pugs Aggressive?

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Pugs are extremely versatile as pets, and all they need is a lot of cuddles and hugs and love. They are super snuggly and always want to be around their owners. They are friendly with the babies and kids of the house and other pets as well. However, they are quite stubborn as they always want things to be their way.

Even though they are so close to their owners and people, they can be quite aggressive at times. Usually, an above average barker will turn into a loud one and start growling and lunging just to establish dominance over the others.

They have a good sense of their own territory and sometimes will try to mark their own terrain.

When does this normally happen?

Pugs are docile and good as pets, but when not socialized properly with the other pets of the house, dogs, children or even sounds, they can get emotional and start getting aggressive.

They have a strong sense of emotion and get envious of the love when showered upon other pets and dogs, and not them. They will behave queer and create these adverse conditions while in contact with these people or pets. They will build their own anxiety, induce fear in themselves, and behave accordingly.

What are the instances that bring these out in them?

Pugs can become extremely aggressive and behave unnaturally in a particular context.

These are known as “triggers”. Triggers can differ from breed to breed.

  • These depend upon their individual personalities and behavioral patterns, and they can affect the species likewise.
  • This depends upon the socialization of the puppies as well.
  • Sometimes solitude can bring out this sense of aggression in them. Being left alone for a long time can make them less docile and more aggressive toward the owners out of sadness and anger.

Generally, a sweet creature and their human-like features make them more compatible with humans. But they are extremely cute and sweet fellows who become everyone’s favorite in no time.

However, certain conditions and situations cause triggers, and they behave in an unruly manner. Not socializing properly with the other pets, dogs, and ambience of a certain place make them bring out their bad sides too.

It is normally shocking to see cute little marshmallows barking aloud and throwing tantrums all over the place.

They are so cuddly that they look super cute even when they get aggressive.

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