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Pugs vs German Shepherds - Which One Suits Your Lifestyle The Best?

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If you're a dog lover and planning to get one for yourself, you need to consider a lot of things. Only the appearance is not enough. You need to get a good idea about the temperament of the breed and know what breed will be perfect for you. This depends on your family needs, lifestyle and kids.

Here we compare the two most commonly owned breeds of dogs - Pugs and German Shepherds.

Here's all that you should know about both of them:

Description of the two breeds


  • Pugs are sturdy, compact dogs and are known as canine world clowns because of their great sense of humor and their talent to show it off.
  • This breed of dog is highly affectionate with family and are incredibly kid friendly dogs.
  • They are also dog-friendly as well as friendly with strangers.
  • The breed adapts well to apartment living and is good for novice owners.
  • Pugs cannot tolerate being alone and also avoid being in hot or cold weather conditions.


German Shepherd

  • German Shepherds are considered as dogkind's finest all-purpose worker.
  • The breed defines an agile, large, muscular dog with high intelligence and noble character.
  • This is a courageous, confident, steady and very loyal breed of dog.
  • They have a high ability to learn commands for different tasks and can also put their lives on risksin order to defend their owner.
  • German Shepherds can turn out to be gentle family pets who take time to be friends with strangers.

Pug vs German Shepherd On The Basis of:

  • Size

Pugs are small companion dogs with a height of 10 inches to a foot and weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. The breed tends to gain weight very quickly. On the other hand, German Shepherd has a height of 22 - 26 inches and weighs between 75 - 95 pounds. The breed is found from medium to large size.

  • Grooming

Pug goes through a lot of shedding and thus, needs high grooming. Also, the breed is very easy to groom. German Shepherd doesn't shed a lot and just require a quick brushing once a week to remove loose hair.

  • Friendliness

Pug is a very friendly breed that loves affection and friendship even with strangers. Shepherds take a little time to be friends with people but are very loyal.

Know these points and choose the dog that suits best to your lifestyle.

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