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Pugs Vs Beagles

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Both being two bundles of joy, they have their own features. They are lovely to keep in any family and make amazing pets.

They are friendly and cuddly and show tremendous affection towards the powers and families. But confusing the two will be quite wrong. The breeds are very different from each other and need their own spaces. Not only are their temperament and behaviors in stark contrast but their appearances too are quite the opposites.

Beagles are more free and active as a dog while pugs prefer to snug a lot.

What makes them different?

  • Beagles being a more active dog, they require a lot of space to frolic around. The pugs, on the other hand, are more docile and can be kept in a small space.
  • Pugs require low rates of exercise and are happy to be able to run and play for a short period. The beagles are super active, and they need their daily dose of entertainment all round the clock.
  • Families that are super active will love to keep beagles while families, which are more composed and quiet, will prefer a pug anyway.
  • The beagles are more vocal than the pugs. They like to bark and make everyone happy. They are a loud breed. The pugs are supposedly quiet and calm, and all they need is lots of hugs and cuddles and love. They just love being pampered all the time.
  • People living in small flats and apartments should go for pugs, as their pet as beagles want a lot of free space and houses with backyards and gardens are preferably the ideal places for keeping beagles.
  • Several people out there want a pet but do not want to rush around and look after them. Pugs are so apt for them they do not require exercises every day and are less nagging. The beagles will always keep you on your feet and you will less likely to find them keeping quiet or sitting in one place. They are full-on entertainers.
  • Beagles start their day with brushing their teeth to combing out their furs to get rid of any dead hair. However, pugs have more facial wrinkles on them that need to be cleaned daily and kept neat. This is done to limit any sort of dirt to accumulate and cause skin infections in them.


However, both the breeds have one thing in common and that is they make lovely pets to come home to, in spite of all the differences!

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Image courtesy: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pug_lying_in_bed_with_its_head_on_the_pillow.jpg

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