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Why Do Pugs Shed?

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Pugs make incredible pets, and their fun personality, loving nature, and high level of intelligence make them even more adorable.

Regardless of the endless qualities that a pug has there are a few things you should be aware of before adopting one, and that is pugs shed a lot. It is one such breed that falls under the heavy shedding category. There are several dogs who only shed occasionally, but that doesn't hold true for pugs.

Most of the dog breeds follow a three-step procedure where there is growth, rest, and then fall out of hair but in pugs, all of this happens way too fast.

Why do Pugs shed?

There are quite a few reasons why pugs shed more than other dogs.

  • Most pugs have a double coat. This means there is a thicker, short, outer layer of hair and an inner, soft layer of hair. It is because of this that shedding is more.
  • Single coat dogs shed less.
  • It has tightly packed hair. As many as 600 strands of hair can be found in a square inch. More the hair, greater the shedding.
  • The process of hair shedding in mammals goes through a three-step process. It starts with growth, followed by rest, and then shedding.All of this happens way too fast in pugs.

What affects a pug's shedding?

Yes, there are quite a few factors that affect the rate of shedding in a pug. Some of them can be controlled and others can't.

  • Firstly, the kind of coat a pug has will determine its shedding. Black pugs have a single layer of coat, and it sheds less, but other pugs have a double layered coat, and they shed more.
  • The age of the pig also determines how much it is shedding. Young pugs don't shed a lot. It is when they grow one or one and a half years old that heavy shedding starts.
  • Pugs shed all year round but it incredible during spring and autumn seasons.
  • Baths increase the rate of shedding.
  • Female pugs that have entered the heat cycle without being sprayed go through a lot of shedding. The fluctuating hormone levels in a female pug's body causes it to shed more than normal.
  • What pugs eat also has an impact on its shedding. Diets high in nutrients will prevent shedding.

So, if you are planning to own a pug be prepared for its shedding.

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