Are Boxers Protective Of Their Owners? –

Are Boxers Protective Of Their Owners?

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Boxers seek immense affection from its owners and their families. However when it comes to playing and being active, they are always up for it, no matter what. They are highly enthusiastic and looking forward to being the best boys of the house.

They like affection along with a dash of enthusiasm to complement their nature.

How do we know they guard their family and owners?

They are very good with infants and kids and can be left alone with them without the fears or worries. These are the signs that they are really affectionate dogs who don’t even mind being the punching sack for the little punches coming from the babies.

  • They are very protective of their owners and anybody who tries to mess with their masters and the family has to face the wrath of their aggression.
  • They are timid and patient unless and until they are provoked to anger. Originally breed to be guard dogs, they are highly protective and are always up on vigilance.
  • They are extremely safe to be around and can guard you like none other.
  • They will fill you with occasional slurps with their long tongue dripping in saliva. But that is their way expressing the emotions of love and care that they have for you.

How do they behave around other people or pets?

Since they are extremely close knit with their own family and master, seeing other dogs or pets especially of the same sex can make them anxious and make them aggressive. They are afraid of the fact that they might steal their place in the heart of their masters and this fear engulfs them and makes them paranoid.

This leads to an in-built aggression towards the other pets that visit you.This can be treated if they are met with the other pets since their puppy hood and made comfortable with their frequent visits to your place.

The fear goes away and makes them confide in you and your love.

Boxers are extremely sensitive dogs and can go to extends to make sure you are happy. They are lovely pets who love you unconditionally and want you to love them back at all times. They are super protective of you and your family and can get depressed, that turn into aggression if they see you close with other dogs or pets.

They are good with your kids as well and you can be totally comfortable leaving your kids around them as they are better caretakers than even humans are.

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