Are Boxers Aggressive? –

Are Boxers Aggressive?

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Originally bred to be guard dogs, boxers have an in-built tendency to the rescuers and protective ones among all. They are highly affectionate and seek attention almost all the times. They are very good pets and can get emotional if they see their masters with other pets or dogs.

They are lovely beings to be around. They will never make you feel sad or leave you in a pensive mood, even if you are.

When does their aggression come out?

Boxers are actually very temperamental, and they can be dangerous if provoked to anger. They are otherwise timid and patient with you even though highly active at all times.

  • The sense of fear if imbibed can get their heart filled with sadness and it can make them go paranoid in no time. They start barking and getting highly aggressive seeing other dogs or pets, especially of the same sex.
  • They think their portion of love and affection is being exploited and shared, and this makes them vulnerable.
  • Other instances such as instigating them unnecessarily can prove hazardous for the victim. They are innocent but intelligent dogs and can get irritated if they are nudged without a cause.
  • They are cat chasers and precisely they cannot stand the sight of any other creature apart from them being there in the house. They are very good pets and protective of their owners to another level.
  • The fear of losing the loved ones drives them crazy and they are left with no other option but to show the anger and start a brawl with all.
  • They can be dangerous to handle at these points and need a very experienced person to cool them down.
  • Their aggression leads to fatal situations at times and can create havoc on many innocent lives.

These boxers are all of us in our youth. They are protective and personal and cannot endure the thought of losing or sharing a person they love.

They have such humane connections and this makes them all the more favourite of the people they are with or around. They are super protective and guard their own tribe like other.

They consider you to be one of their own and make sure you are never harmed.

The babies and kids can be easily left around with them as they have motherly instincts and can keep you saved from all wraths and difficulties.However, just like humans, they cannot keep themselves cool if they are constantly poked or somebody provokes them to anger.

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