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Why Is My Boxer Not Barking?

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Not all dogs are the same, and this is precisely what makes them all the more unique. They are amazing in their own ways and make lovely pets individually. They are the favorites of their owners and their families and protect them with all their heart and soul.

Boxers are the stout, handsome and intelligent ones that were originally bred to be guardian dogs.

They are super courageous and friendly at the same time. They are loyal and protective of little kids and masters. However, often there are complaints about a boxer of not being too vocal. Here is all you need to know about it if you are facing similar issues:

Is it normal or them to not bark much?

Boxers are dogs that are not too very vocal. Some of them like to bark while some just prefer to keep quiet. This depends upon a few issues though.

  1. Nature:

Some dogs are prone to not barking, and this is just not an issue to be afraid of. They are dogs that like to keep to themselves. Therefore, even if they do not bark, it is not much of a cause of concern for the owner or their family. Sometimes trying to make it bark may lead to an adverse condition and provoke him to anger, the consequence of which can be hazardous.

  1. Age:

The age factor comes into play during these. Some boxers are non-vocal due to the fact that they are aging. The strength diminishes, and they become less interested in carrying out activities or barking much.

  1. Relaxed:

Some of the dogs are relaxed and want to stay like that no matter what. Disturbing them and nudging them to go out of their way can irritate them.

  1. Growls:

Some of the boxers like to growl at times instead of barking, which can be termed as their usual form of conversation. Instead of barking, there are times when a boxer likes to growl, and that is quite normal for them to converse like that.

While there are some of them that are loud barkers and can often get the people to make them stop due to the loud voice.

Hence, if your boxer is not barking, there is absolutely no point in pondering over the issue. This is very normal in this breed as most of them like to keep quiet and relaxed even being super enthusiastic physically.

They are quite jovial and active, but at times, they like to be left alone and just be themselves, instead of being constantly poked and nudged to bark.

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Image courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fujidude/17352503439

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