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Why Do Boxers Shed?

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The stout handsome and intelligent dogs are amazing pets. They are the loyal ones that guard the house and protect the owner and the family like its own. However, there are certain criteria which you need to know before you adopt them. They are quite easy to groom in their initial years when they are puppies. But boxers in their adolescence are impossible to handle for the first-time parents.

There are other features apart from grooming points as well. Dealing with their shedding is not easy. They shed a lot, even though not in clumps.

What are the times when they shed?

Boxers are a breed that has short hair. However, many are of the opinion that they will not shed because of the short coat of hair.

  • They do not shed like other dogs in large clumps. Nevertheless, their shedding is even throughout the year.
  • They are just everywhere around the house and pretty much becomes impossible for you to remove them.
  • They are more like hair producing machines, shedding all round the clock.

Why do they shed?

Some of them can be denoted as follows:

  1. Food and diet:

Food and diet play significant parts in their shedding. Feeding these dogs good will ensure their good health and hygiene. This will help them shed less. Dog foods are better to be avoided even though they claim to contain rich constituents.

Home food is the best for dogs as this gives them the strength and structure and give them a better and longer life than usual.

  1. Health and hygiene:

Maintaining good hygiene is necessary for a dog to prevent them from losing their fur. The health should be checked every now and then, and the hygiene issues should be looked after. Various skin infections often lead to excessive shedding. A good dermatologist should be contacted at the earliest, in such case.

  1. Seasonal shedding:

Seasonal shedding is normal. There comes a time when the old fur sheds off, and new fur begins to arrive. This is normal in all dogs and boxers are no exception.

  1. Genetic issues:

Some boxers are prone to severe shedding due to hereditary problems. Genetics play a vital part in their shedding, and this can determine the amount of shedding from one dog to the other.

These are the reasons why dogs are prone to shedding. Several other reasons can be prevalent as well, these being the major ones.

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