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Why Are Boxers So Popular?

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Initially bred to be guardian dogs, they now make lovely pets for people around the globe. Prevalent in Germany and serving as messenger dogs in WWI, they have come a long way to being friendly and funny besides their usual strength and grit. A cross between the English bulldog and the Bullenbeiser, which is now extinct, these dogs were bred to serve bull baiting, hunting huge animals like bison and boards and livestock herding.

What makes them so unique?

Having the features of a bulldog, they have wrinkles around their faces. However, these are nothing but simple features. The characteristics of these friendly four-legged buddies are as follows:

  1. They are super friendly.

The wrinkle makes them look rugged and sad, but they are highly energetic and super enthusiastic.

  1. They make lovely partners for babies and infants.

They are great with these kids and take very good care of them. They are frolicsome and amazing to play with.

  1. They like to be accompanied and their daily dose of entertainment acknowledged.

Since they are highly enthusiastic, it is not a very good idea to keep them sit idle and not play with them.

  1. They can get severely angry if not been allowed to go out and play.

The pent-up energies take a wrong route to get vent out and can prove hazardous for the owner and the family.

Other essential characteristics

  • They are loyal pets that are fierce and guard the family like none other. They are extremely well mannered if groomed properly and quite mature in their outlook.
  • Most of them bark quite loudly, and it is a good sign if they do. Sometimes they just growl, as that is their way of conversing.
  • Some of these babies are so cute, they just drool and love to snore and snort. These make them so adorable and complete favorites of the families they are staying with.

These smart stout and strong ones can camouflage into the caring and gullible ones in no time and make adorable beings to be with. The families who have them are super entertained by their funny gestures and feel at peace with them being around. Guarding the family and making sure they are safe and secure are their foremost lookout and are ready to save them at any cost.

These loyal dogs are quite a favorite of so many people, and they leave no stones unturned to be worth all they love that they garner.

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Image courtesy: https://libreshot.com/boxer-puppy/

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