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How To Adopt A Boxer?

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Boxers are the breed that is strong and stout but are great seekers of attention behind these scenes. They can scare the people away but are cute and gullible and can be a lapdog as an when they feel like goofing up. If you are trying to be a parent of one, there are specific characteristics that you have to keep in mind to get one for yourself and your home.

They are weird and cute at the same time, and you have to be ready for the turn of situations that they procure.

What are the things to consider before adopting a boxer?

For being a parent to a boxer, you need to adapt to certain situations.

  1. The cute boxer puppies will not remain little throughout their lives and will grow up into large, full-grown adult dog that requires the majority of your time and attention. They have particular problems that cannot be controlled by someone who is going to be a parent to a puppy for the first time.
  2. Get ready for the massive slurps and licks that they fill you with from time to time. The drooling wet kisses will be smeared all over your face leaving you looking for a towel.
  3. They will accompany you everywhere. Literally, everywhere. They even get up from their naps to do so. They are followers and often known as shadows for this reason.
  4. Their extremely high energy levels can leave you bombarded and even at a loss of words. (read: energy). They are very active and barely need a break to save their energies up.
  5. Boxers normally shed even though not in clots. A good amount of regular brushing with good homemade food will minimize the shedding to quite some extent. They are not too high maintenance. However, clip their nails from time to time to prevent unintentional bloodshed.
  6. They are extremely good with children. They take a lot of care and make great partners. They are loyal and protected and you totally feel at peace with them being around your or your children.

However, before you adopt, keep these in mind and consider yourself ready if only you are willing to accept them with all their pros and cons. The great gigantic dogs can be total momma’s boys when they need attention and be so adorable to play with. These bundles of joys will keep you entertained all throughout the day.

They make great and wonderful pets, making you forget about all your worries and tensions.

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