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How To Train A Boxer Puppy?

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Boxers are fuss-free dogs that are easy to train as they are food-lovers and it will be easier for you to train them by luring them with food rewards. There are certain ways in which you can train your dog. Not all dogs are the same, and they acquire different techniques to listen to your commands.

Here is a complete structure that you can follow to help you train him better.

What are the instructions or ways to abide by?

Early training is the key:

Starting the training at an early age is the most important. The puppies are more receptive, and it is necessary to start grooming them well since the very beginning. 

  • When the puppies are small, giving out instructions to sit or to use the loo when required will make them abide by it throughout their lives. Getting familiar with the sounds of the words and the actions necessary will make them agile and smart.
  • Saying simple words like sitting and lie down and stay will them get used to the words followed by these actions.
  • Give him a treat after he does it right to make him sure of the deed and its reward.

Reward-based training:       

Training a dog based on rewards is easier. This way they will remember the tasks in accordance with the instruction and will be happily obliging to get a reward at the end of the task.

  • Punishing a dog for his misdeeds is never a good option, and it makes them fear you more than loving you. It can have an adverse effect on your dog and deter them from following further instructions. You will lose their trust gradually.
  • Rewarding a dog for their good behavior is much more fruitful than losing their trust by showing them your bad side.

Starting with the basic instructions:

Some basic and common instructions are necessary for a dog to gain knowledge about a specific task. The instructions can be denoted as follows:

  1. Let the puppy sniff the treat in your hand and ensure its availability.
  2. Then you instruct it to carry out the command.
  3. Once he does it, give him a treat in appreciation.
  4. This will boost his confidence, and he will be eager to carry out further instructions.
  5. Sometimes refrain from giving him a treat if the task is not completely executed. This will make him give more attention to his job and he will be willing to please you to earn his treat.


These are some of the simple techniques to train your puppy. They are agile and intelligent. They will take lesser time to learn the instructions than adults will.

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