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The Exercise Requirements Of A Boxer

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Boxers like to have fun, and they are always active. They are muscular dogs who are always alert in their senses. They have a posture which is smooth and graceful. Their loyalty and intelligence have earned them popularity among the breeders, and they belong on the top list.

They are extremely courageous. They will do whatever it takes to shield their owner and family from any damage. They might come across as scary, but they have their silly side too.

Here are a few suggestions to help you in providing an adequate amount of exercise to your boxer.

Know the age requirement

  1. The level of exercise a boxer needs depends on what age group he belongs to. There is obviously a lot of difference between the exercise requirements of a one-year-old puppy to that of a thirteen-year-old dog.
  2. Puppies growing up into adults go through the stage of becoming muscular and big. It is also the time period when they increase their body strength. Hence, they require the maximum amount of exercise at this point.
  3. On the other hand, old dogs have reduced levels of energy and a brisk walk or a jog along the park is enough for them.

Weather Suitability

  • If the weather is perfect or even moderate, you can take your boxer for long walks or a good exercise.
  • Boxers have a compressed skull and flat faces, which makes it tough for them to breathe in extreme weather conditions. So, if the weather conditions are not in favor and found to be extreme, then it is advised not to take your boxer out for exercise.
  • When the weather is too sunny, or it is too cold, do not take your boxer outdoors. They have short hair on their body; hence they are extremely sensitive to the weather.


  • Train your boxer before you take him out for exercise, so that he knows how to obey his master. A dog who knows how to follow instructions is easier to handle.
  • Also, consult a trainer before making an exercise routine for your boxer. The trainer will be able to give you suggestions regarding which exercise plan will be suitable for your dog, and you can follow that.

Boxers love to play around, so it will not be difficult to make them exercise. Have a good time playing with them!

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