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Tips For Breeding A Boxer

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A boxer in its full health looks amazing. The male breed of boxers have a height of about 25 inches while standing, but the female breed of boxers are a bit smaller. You can see their rippled muscles on their sleek body. They have a look of curiosity on their face, and they are always alert about their surroundings.

Boxers are playful and energetic dogs. They are very patient with children and can go to any length to protect their owner from any sort of danger.

Here are some essential pointers on how you can breed a boxer.

At the time of their birth

  1. Get an assumption about the litter size. The most accurate result can be obtained a couple of days before the pregnant boxer is expected to give birth. Arrange for an X-RAY, and you will get to know the number of puppies you can be expecting.
  2. The pregnant boxer will experience a loss of energy from giving birth. Feed the mother well in order to keep her babies healthy. A healthy mother's milk is nutritious and the most required intake for a newborn.
  3. Keep the mother and the puppies in a clean place. Newborns are more prone to diseases because of their weak immune system.
  4. Get the puppies vaccinated at proper stages to build up their immunity and create a protective cover from any disease.

Commonly encountered health problems

  1. Cancer: Boxers, in particular, are prone to cancer. Their breed is often affected by either lymph nodes cancer or breast cancer. They are also known to develop skin cancer.
  2. Mental health: Boxers can suffer from serious mental health issues. Their medical conditions can affect their nervous system which might lead to strokes, seizures, paralysis etc. Boxers are also known to remember traumas of the past which might affect them later in their life.
  3. Other health issues a boxer might suffer from are
    • heart problems like congenital heart disease
    • hip dysplasia which can result in the development of arthritis
    • gastric dilation volvulus
    • breathing and heat regulation problems

Boxers should be given space to run around when they are growing up. This will help them get the required amount of exercise and hence stay fit. Their diet chart should also be kept in mind to keep them strong and healthy.

Boxers are loving and loyal dogs. You will have a good time breeding them.

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